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We are a stake pool from Mexico looking forward to sharing any kind of content related to theĀ Cardano Blockchain, like news, tutorials, and benefits to the community.

We donate 10% of our pool rewards to ambiental organizations of the country.

Pool Ticker: CMX

Pool ID: 1df219217b1487843371e0d145f8ef6d6aca2e999b5a963c30a32446


What is it?

Staking means that your wallet with all your ADA coins will be delegated to a stake pool (servers/nodes that process the network transactions of the blockchain).

By doing so, you not only participate in the protocol (PoS) but also protect the network by increasing its security, improves decentralization, and the best is that you receive rewards for each epoch (5 days).


Your ADA never leaves your wallet; it isn't transferred to the pool, you still are the only person in control of your funds.


Cardano offers one of the best and most simple mechanisms for staking in the industry, just choose one pool, approve the transaction and wait for the propagation.

Low cost

Staking for the first time will require at least 10 ADA to delegate, and the payment of deposit fees (2 ADA + ~0.17 ADA of transaction cost); this fee can be recovered if you decide to no longer delegate your wallet.

Snapshot process

Once you delegate to a stake pool, you will need to wait for at least four epochs (20 days) to start receiving rewards.

The Cardano network makes a snapshot at each epoch where it captures the total ADA that exists in the wallet; this information is needed for reference in the following epoch before the paid day.

We could say that once you are receiving rewards, you will receive at the new epoch the rewards of 2 epochs ago.


How much will I receive?

Staking to a pool has the purpose of transaction processing in the Cardano network; the more ADA staked, the greater are the possibilities of block generation.

The number of blocks generated defines the amount of ADA distributed between the operator (SPO) and all the ones delegated to the pool; the more ADA you hold, the more rewards received.

A pool with good performance in terms of block generation and is not over-saturated, you could expect to obtain ~5% of rewards annually.

Why choose us?


Our SPOs are skilled at server administration and software development.


All our nodes have been configured with the best security practices, 3FA, and key obfuscation.


Our servers are configured with the best hardware; we are ready for the future of Cardano network.


We are committed to donate 10% of our rewards to environmental organizations of the country.

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