We launched our own first CNFT Project: CardanoShapes.

This project consists of unique animations of the logos from tokens and partners in the Cardano ecosystem; only 20 of each will be minted.

All the designs can be found here: https://pool.pm/addr1q9slyyuzcdmg24p04peftqpmvc43ta2x2y2phr5d3sshv8f90q78y2mqs3mcx3wrwkpj55t55e82jaqqau5ketj7kxvqtsr9lt/154b69d1

All our NFTs are animated; they are mp4 videos; currently, popular secondary marketplaces like CNFT.io or Tokhun.io don’t support the direct playback of it; you must go to pool.pm in order to view it.

Our policyID: 154b69d1db7941372afc249468b11c8afd1498299a3fb0744c0f7ac5

There are currently 28 different designs from our first category, “ADA”. More designs are going to be released under the same policy.

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