As part of staying competitive, we offer all our delegators the possibility of getting additional Cardano native tokens to incentivize the use of the network.

Here at CardanoMEX, we have partnered with multiple community projects that seek this goal; some of them are $PIGGY Tokens and $THANK Coin.

In order to get some of these native tokens, you must be a delegator of our CMX staking pool and do the following steps:

1.- Send 2 ADA to the following address:


2.- Send an email to or a DM us on Twitter @CardanoMEX with the subject “Staking Rewards,” specify your wallet address and the transaction ID of the ADA sent to us.

3.- After confirmation, you will receive back 1.7 ADA with the number of tokens proportional to your stake at our pool.

We require that you send us ADA to process the transaction and pay fees.

The amount of tokens that you will receive depends on how much ADA you delegate to us each epoch.

– From 0 to 100 ADA/EPOCH => 1 $THANK Coin + 100 $PIGGY Tokens

– From 101 to 1000 ADA/EPOCH => 10 $THANK Coin + 1000 $PIGGY Tokens

– From 1001 or more ADA/EPOCH => 100 $THANK Coin + 10000 $PIGGY Tokens

Thanks for choosing us!

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